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About Epson

SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION is one of the leading suppliers of high-tech systems that are renowned worldwide for their reliability. The product range includes 6-axis robots, SCARA robots, the SCARA entry-level LS models, the special Epson-developed Spider and N2 robot types, ad well as the pioneering Dual Arm robot. Add to this, image processing, controls, and the Epson Force Sensor for force-controlled application. This gives SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION one of the most comprehensive model ranges of high precision industrial robots in the world, making them a technological pioneer for intelligently controlled automation processes.

about epson

Industry Solutions

Epson Robots is leading supplier to a wide variety of manufacturing industries including automotive, medical, electronics, consumer products, industrial and manu more. Our customers range from large Fortune 100 companies to small manufacturing facilities.

  • Automotive: Brakes, clutch comoponents, ignition systems, instrument panels, headlights, mirrors, locks, sensors and more
  • Medical: Contact lenses, glasses, dental instruments, dental implants, hearing aids, pacemakers, bloob test systems and much more
  • Electronics: Chip handling and placement, encoder assembly, board and laser diode testing, wire bonding and more
  • Consumer products: Smartphones, tablets, speakers, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, printers and more


Epson robots are extremely versatile and provide a wide range of automation possibilities:
  • Assembly
  • Pick and plce
  • Material handling
  • Packaging
  • Kitting/Tray loading
  • Machine tending
  • Screw driving
  • Dispensing
  • Palletizing
  • Lab aitomation
  • Inspection and testing
  • Finishing
  • Grinding

Why Epson Robots

As precision automation specialists, the Epson Robots team has been building automation products for nearly four decades. An industry leader in small-parts-assembly applications, we’ve introduced many firsts. As a results, our innovative products are hard at work in thousands of manufacturing facilities throughout the world.
1. Leading Epson technology
  • Epson is the #1 SCARA robot manufacturer in the world
  • We introduces the world’s first folding-arm 6-Axis robot
  • Specialized integrated motion sensors help reduce vibration and increase performance
3. Intuitive programming software
  • Epson RC+ software is extremely user-friendly, making automation setup fast and easy
  • It includes time-saving features such as wizards, templates, smart tools and more
2. What you need, when you need it
  • The Epson lineup features 6-Axis and SCARA robots with payloads up to 20 kg and a reach ranging from 175 to 1,480 mm
  • We offer a wide range of fully integrated options including vision guidance, conveyor tracking, flexible parts feeding, force guidance and more
4. Reliability you can count one
  • Dedicated to helping you find best solution for your automation needs
  • Epson robots are lon-lasting and require little maintenance
  • Over 100,000 robots sold worldwide

Epson Robots Lineup

Epson SCARA Robots

T-Series All-in-one

T-Series All-in-One SCARA robots are the perfect alternative to complex slide-based solutions. These space-saving robots install in minutes. And, they include the same intuitive software and powerful features found in Epson's high-end robots.


LSB-Series Scara robots offer the high performance and great reliability that users have come to expect from Epson, but at a lower cost. LSB-Series SCARAs were created for factores looking for maximum value without giving up performance.


RS-series robots are some of the most unique and flexible SCARA robots available in the market today. With the ability to cross back under, as well as reach behind themselves, RS-Series robots are able to utilize the entire workspace inderneath the arm. As a result, there is no lost space in the center of the work envelope.


G-series SCARA robots feature a high-rigidity arm design that delivers high speed, high precision and low vibration. G-series SCARA robots offer a wide variety of sizes from 175 do 1,000 mm in reach, with up to 20 kg payloads.

NEW GX-Series

Epson 6-Axis Robots

VT-Series All-in-one

VT-Series All-in-One 6-Axis robots feature great performance at an ultra low price, offering many of the same features as Epson high-end robots. VT-Series robots include a built-in controller and simplified cabling, allowing fast, easy integration.


The N-Series lineup features a revolutionary compact folding-arm design that maximizes motion efficiency for faster cycle times. Packed with unique technology, the N-Series significantly reduces workspace requirements when compared to typical 6-Axis robots.


C-Series 6-Axis robots provide great cycle times and a unique SlimLine design, backed by remarkable precision and motion range. These compact robots offer exceptional performance for even the most demanding and complex applications.

Robots Controllers

Compact and intuitive, Epson controllers make automation configuration easy. Designed for use with both SCARA and 6-Axis robots, Epson’s lineup provides advances servo control for smooth motion and precise positioning. With integrated options available such as Vision Guidance, Force Guidance, Conveyor Tracking and more, Epson controllers provide true solution-based expandability.
Epson Controllers

RC+ Development Software

Epson RC+ Development Software offers the ultimate selection of powerful, easy-of-use features, reducing the time needed to develop automated robot solutions. This advanced software includes fully integrated options such as Vision Guidance, Force Guidance, Conveyor Tracking, Parts Feeding and more. Intuitive by design, Epson RC+ includes many time-saving features such as wizards, templates, smart tools and more – allowing users to get their systems up and running quickly.
All-inclusive devolepment environment
  • Projects
  • Robot manager
  • Task manager
  • Run window
  • Operation window
  • Jog and teach window
  • I/O monitor
  • Offline development
  • Wizards
  • Project explorer
  • Toolbar customization
  • 3D simulator
Epson Integrated Solutions
Epson Integrated Solutions
Enhance your robot automation solution with integrated options such as Vision Guide, Force Guide, Epson Parts Feeding and more. These powerful solutions make it easy to quickly build various applications without having to worry about peripheral communication setups and development from multiple environments. Instead, you can focus on maximizing the efficiency of your application.

Vision Systems

Epson Part Feeder

Force Sensors

Epson Robots – full PDF catalog

Epson Robots Applications and Solutions

Epson robotics & sensing solutions
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