Modular Automation system ROBOTUNITS

The idea “More with less” stands for better technical solutions and opportunities with fewer components. This leads to more cost-efficient realization of the ideas, while also omitting mistakes and optimizing logistics. In order to achieve this, ROBOTUNITS focuses on developing multifunctional components which can be used within the complete modular system.

Our key for your SUCCESS

Quick and simple

Straightforward assembly and use of few instruments on all levels is a prerequisite for swiftness and efficiency, while minimizing the risk for mistakes.

Improvement trough innovation

Our aim is to offer more new and innovative products in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

More with less

The components of the system are multifunctional. What this means for you: fewer components, smaller warehouse, less time for training employees and cost reduction.

9 base type extrusion and 2 series fastening technology allow us to consistently maintain the system ROBOTUNITS in store for you!

In- or Outsourcing

Optimal use of resources

Flexibility and consistency are necessary conditions for success. Businesses are constantly being pushed to react to changing industrial environment and cyclicality in the consumption of products. This creates a need for systems that can react with ease and quickness to these changes. The system ROBOTUNITS supports its customers in this direction through its program for In- и Outsourcing.

Overloading when constructing

We are in charge of designing and/or constructing within the modular automation system ROBOTUNITS; We can also support with redistribution of constructive capacity..

Overloading when assembling

We do part or complete assembly of products based on the system ROBOTUNITS even in your working space. We can also conduct complete assembly of your constructions in our space entirely with our engineers.

Possibility for assembly by you

We deliver the ROBOTUNITS components and you assemble with your specialists.

Trade Meister runs a warehouse in Sofia with the complete product line of modular automation system ROBOTUNITS.

A wide variety of constructions and facilities can be assembled from this product line. Our clients can order separate components of the system ROBOTUNITS and assemble it themselves. Clients can also receive the complete system, assembled by the Trade Meister engineers.