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About us

Trade Meister Ltd was established in 1995 for the purpose of trading components and engineering in the sphere of mechanical engineering. We are distributor of ROBOTUNITS (Austria) products for Bulgaria.

ROBOTUNITS is a global manufacturer of a Modular Automation System for production equipment. This includes Conveyor and Linear Motion Technology, Material Handling and Safety Fence systems as well as Machine Framing and Guarding and a unique Aluminum Extrusion & Fastening Technology. The product design strictly follows the Lean Manufacturing concept, which stands for multifunctional and smart component design to reduce time and cost in all areas of your organization.

Inspired by the ideas of ROBOTUNITS, Trade Meister delivers separate components, as well as complete constructions, based on drawings and technical documentation shown by the customer.

Our clients can trust us with consulting or advice, given our lengthy experience in the field.

In 2007, Trade Meister started to develop and implement specialized machines and technological complexes with high level of automation. The goal of our operations is to increase the productivity, efficiency and quality of our customer’s production. Our strategy is based on the engineering to order model (ETO). This is a process that starts from the customer’s request, goes through design, manufacture, and installation, and carries out the delivery and commissioning of the machine.

Since 2008, Trade Meister is a system integrator of FANUC robots, which has been a stepping stone for our great cooperation with FANUC.

The other main business of Trade Meister is the distribution and delivery of specialized fittings, as well as spherical, needle, diaphragm, and dosing valves for high pressure (up to 600 bar) and highly aggressive environments. Our services range from management to the complete creation of all-fluid systems in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, electronics, and chemical industry.

Trade Meister is grateful to all its current and past colleagues and partners for the dedicated work throughout the years.